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Title: Spaghetti Is Good, But Your Heart Is Better

Synopsis: In which Kagami Taiga attempts to woo famous boyband member Kuroko Tetsuya with the world’s most awkwardly endearing spaghetti dinner, Kuroko and his band members have made incorrect assumptions about Kagami and Furihata’s relationship, and Himuro is the world’s biggest troll without even being present.

Pairing: KagaKuro, and side AkaFuri

AU: Boyband AU

Setting: Kagami’s apartment

Word Count: 10,800+

ShipThePuppy: Kuroko Tetsuya

Tets ucchin: Kagami Taiga


—This takes place after what, if equivocated, is pretty much the ‘Teikou arc’ of this AU, but the majority of the issues have been resolved. (Example, they had a bad manager that pushed them to be all about the money and not the music, Kuroko almost quit the band, everyone became selfish, etc.) So everybody gets along now. 

—Furihata is the band’s songwriter that gets hired on afterword.

—Kagami meets the band through Furihata, a school friend he reunites with at one of their concerts after Alex drags him and Himuro to it. 

—Upon discovering they both had crushes on someone in the band, Kagami and Furihata began teasing each other and hanging out a lot to bemoan their crushes on these beloved boys.

—As a result, the band has assumed that Kagami and Furihata are totally in love with each other, (emotionally take n, emotionally married, etc) but for some reason are dancing around it and not confessing.

—This roleplay takes place during the dinner Himuro convinces Kagami to invite Kuroko to.

—Yes, the band’s name is Kiseki. (Very original, I know.)

—Momoi is their manager.

Edit: Now, for those who were curious, with a link to Himuro Tatsuya’s ‘Get Taiga Laid’ Playlist, aka, the mixed CD he made Kagami in the story. You’re welcome.

Can be read under the cut.

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“Oi, Kag ami. Kiss me.”

Blood rushed to the redhead face as he swung a plastic bag full of groceries at the back of his head. “A – ahomine! What nonsense are you talking about?! Are you drunk?”

He rubs the spot that hurts but said nothing about it. Instead, maintaining a dead-serious look and a firm tone, he pulled the redhead aside without much force into an empty alley dimly lit by a streetlamp, under the starry night sky.

“I’m not drunk. I’m not kidding. Kiss me.”

Kagami looked away. “Why should I?”

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KagaKuro, AoKise; First Names


PROMPT: Kagami and Kise get really jealous of Aomine calling Kuroko Tetsu. So Kagami and Kise make up a plan where they both call each other by their first names just to make their lovers jealous and see how it is from their perspective. It’d be nice if Kuroko becomes just as jealous, bothered, and possessive as Aomine throughout it. 


“Just Three Words”


Happy New Year everyone!!

Prompt: I’d love to see a drabble about Aomine telling Kise that he loved him for the first time ever.

 He’s never said ‘I love you’ to anyone. Sure, he’s said it to his parents when he was a child multiple times, but that was it. The words were foreign to his lips. He was a virgin to the sense of love. With all of his relationships, every single one of them, Aomine has never felt t he urge, the need, the want to profess his love, to inform them that they have gotten him hooked on their everything. Because that was what love was, right? To desire, to wish, to yearn, to long for their everything. To become their everything. 

You want to become theirs and them to become yours.

 Aomine has never, ever felt this way about anyone he has dated. Most were just flings for fun, or big chested women, or perhaps a good friendship of light and shadow that he had mistaken for something else. 

 None of those relationships could compare to this one.

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[AkaFuri][KiyoHana] From Nothingness to Happiness


Title: From Nothingness to Happiness
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Akashi/Furihata & Kiyoshi/Hanamiya
Rating: K+
Words: 3,365
Notes: Written for week 3 of Kuroko no Basuke Secret Santa. My partner was afrozaki.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Kuroko no Basuke.


Furihata slowly let his arm drop down. The red cellphone in his hand was clasped in a weak grip, and if he just loosened his hold a tad it’d surely have fallen. His brown bangs covered his hazel eyes, casting a dark shadow over his upper face. A frown t ugged on his lips, a contrast to his happy mood from just a few minutes ago.

“I’m sorry.”

There was nothing for the other to apologise for, Furihata knew.

“I can’t make it on Christmas Eve.”

After all, it wasn’t like he could’ve helped the situation. It was an event the other couldn’t avoid from happening.

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[AoKaga] Blown Away


Title: Blown Away
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine/Kagami
Rating: T
Words: 2,113
Notes: Written for week 2 of Kuroko no Basuke Secret Santa. My partner was lost-silent-star.

Read it here on FFn.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Kuroko no Ba suke.


It was awkward to say the least.

They started off as rivals. One the past light to Kuroko Tetsuya. The other, the current light. Somewhere along the way, between all the one-on-ones they had with each other on the weekends and the unplanned meetings after school, they had developed feelings for the other.

That was the problem, Kagami supposed. He had saw Aomine as nothing but a rival, one he couldn’t beat but that only urged him to practice harder. The thrill of the challenge always had his blood pumping. Despite what many people thought of him as he may have appeared arrogant and cocky at times, he was not ignorant of the fact his victory against Touou (against Aomine) in the Winter Cup was only because he had his teammates with him. After the Winter Cup ended, he was soon attacked by exams and then winter break approached. Kagami had spent the better half of it merely playing ball at the courts.

He just hadn’t expec ted to have encountered Aomine there too.

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Prompt:  Kindergarten!Aokise, in which there’s fluff but MoustachioPenguin fails to deliver so there’s angst, whoops. 
Rating:  T
Pairings:  Aokise
Warnings:  Unbeta&r squo;d, oocness, cultural inaccuracies, bullying
Notes:  Inspired by Kohichapeau and her comic strip:  That Day I Met You


At the age of six, Aomine sees the cruelty that can be enacted by ignorant people.  At first, he doesn’t notice, but his best friend does and she points out the whispers and jeers.  Bullies are new to the both of them, but the concept gets old rather quickly.  It’s stupid to pick on those who are weak or stupid or ugly, but what’s most stupid is to pick on those who are simply different.  It annoys him, especially when his friend is drawn in to the mix for how she seems to know all the answers during class.  When that happens, he gets in to his first fight and all the bullies know to back off of anyone Aomine Daiki considers a friend.  If not, he’ll kick their butts for sure.

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Requested by anonymous

Pairing: AoKise and KagaKuro
Theme: double date

A doub le date, by the standards of the twenty first century, usually entailed a dinner and movies with two couples that were familiar with each other, wanting a combination of romance and friendship for the night.

Kurobasu SS



 This is for shouri for the third week of the kurobasu ss exchange. Sorry for the late gift, I’m posting it here so you will hopefully get it before christmas ends!

Some light HayaMiya because…I’m pretty sure there isn’t many fic of the two. So here is my tentative attempt at it. I tried to incorporate as much canon details but I admit to taking some artistic liberties on interpretation lol

Summary: Pre-winter cup, in which two unli kely players come together for a brief moment in time and form something of an understanding


His first warning, Miyaji supposes, is when Midorima calls him at 6 AM in the midst of a morning run to advise him, based on Oha Asa’s prophetic authority, to purchase his lucky item today (a muzzle)…which actually isn’t too bad of a suggestion considering his teammates (Takao), but it’s far too early to deal with their ace’s eccentricities. He opts to hang up and sprints the last few blocks to his house. 

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hayamiya; nextdoorneighbours trope for flightlesscrow ♥


Hayama is a royal pain the ass. He’s surprisingly large for a neverending bundle of energy, annoyingly loud at stupid hours of the morning, and perpetually persistent. Miyaji thinks he couldn’t have ended up next to a worse neighbour if he’d tried.

The second day he’s moving in, Hayama comes over to introduce himself and brings a tin full of biscuits. For a long while during the introduction, Miyaji isn’t aware yet of the disaster that lays in wait of him combined with things full of sugar, but he finds out when he invites Hayama in on a whim and ends up being ‘helped’ to unpack for the next four hours until he makes an excuse to go out.

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